Volume One Box Set




This here’s your big boy! Satisfy all our cult leaders by getting a pack in each category. History nerds, geography gurus, science geeks, film buffs, nature lovers and food connoisseurs, your prayers have been answered in the form of 600 killer trivia questions to show off that big, grotesquely swollen brain of yours.


Whip out this box with your mates at the pub, make long road trips more fun, take it as a backup in case your Tinder date is boring as batshit, or piss everyone off at the weekly family dinner by making them stay for one excruciating extra hour learning what the little ball inside a computer mouse is called.


A must have for any games cupboard, this full set of volume one of trivia cult will not disappoint. Whether it is for yourself or as a gift, the full set of 600 carefully curated questions across our 6 core categories will be sure to impress anyone who is even remotely interested in good trivia.


There are no set rules here – give hints if you want, allow multiple guesses if you’re feeling nice, keep scores or don’t. The cult leaders don’t care, they just want your praise. But if you’d rather be told what to do, check out some gameplay suggestions here. Just remember, there are no hurt feelings in trivia.

What's in the box

Six packs of trivia cards containing 100 carefully curated questions in each category (600 questions in total), as well as a cool category-choosing die and suggested rules card.

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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Great trivia game - easy to carry around too

Great selection of categories and honestly a really great trivia set. I love how portable it is too, I always take it with me during road trips and night outs. 100% recommend.

Marisa Ritchie
Awesome fun!

Great categories and perfect level of questions! My partner and I take them camping and we love having a little comp between us! Can’t wait for you guys to do more volumes as I will definitely buy future sets! Highly recommend 👍🏼

Julia Gosling
Loved it!

A terrific kit of questions, and the best thing is that even the quiz master can play - the answers are on the back of the cards. We played at our last family game night using the dice to choose which set of questions each set was and it was a real hit. Definitely recommend.

Thankyou so much for your review Julia! We're so happy you and your family enjoyed it.

Scott Richards
10/10 trivia!

I read through every question and answer before going to dinner parties so I can be the smartest person at the table. Thanks, Trivia Cult!!

We're so happy that we could make you seem more intelligent to your friends and family!

Laura McCabe
Absolute gem!!!

So I don't usually write reviews but this trivia boxset was a real find! My mum bought this for me and can honestly say this is one of the best presents I have got because it's like a treasure trove of entertainment you can take with you anywhere. The questions were not only interesting but also brought about some great laughs. We just take it with us when we go out and whip it out over the table for some entertainment. I've already signed up for the mailing list for Volume 2 so please get it released ASAP!

Wow thankyou Laura! What an amazing review!

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