Anyone who has been to a decent pub trivia night knows that beer and trivia go hand-in-hand. And, just like beer, a lot of trivia is shitty, mass-produced garbage.


We approach trivia like a brewer making craft beer, paying high attention to detail to make an amazing quality product. This isn’t your dime-a-dozen, stocking-stuffer trivia that you’ll find at every department store around Christmas time. This is carefully created, painstakingly refined trivia. This is good trivia. This is Craft Trivia.

We write them! Every question is thought up, written, and refined by us. We’ve worked hard to make sure that each card has a good mix of question difficulty and some bloody interesting facts.

People spend enough time absorbed in their phones already. When it comes to the social benefits of trivia, we don’t find apps are nearly as effective as tangible cards that you can pass around to your mates and hang on to for future get-togethers. We reckon you’ll think the same.

We care deeply about the environment!


Our trivia is printed on FSC-approved materials using soy-based inks, and our mailer boxes are made from recycled paper. But we’re always looking for more ways to reduce our footprint and help the environment.


What’s more, our products aren’t single-use – they’re for you to keep, collect and re-use.

Music and sports can be cool trivia categories, but they’re highly subjective areas. You don’t find many people who can name the first Slayer album while also nailing Beyoncé’s number ones. And people who can list off every recent Arsenal FC manager don’t usually know much about rhythmic gymnastics.


We want our core categories to have something for everyone, so we’re saving music and sports for more genre-specific releases in the future.

If you want! We like to leave the specifics up to you – give hints, allow multiple guesses, keep scores, whatever. We do have a few suggested gameplay styles for the box sets which you can find here.

We aim to release new volumes of our core categories several times a year, along with a range of special editions. The best way to stay in the loop on our upcoming releases is to join our mailing list.

Not really. Young kids probably won’t know too many answers, and there’s sometimes a bit of choice language. We hope to make some more child-friendly releases in the future, though.